How to Make the Most of a Floral Display at Home

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How to Make the Most of a Floral Display at Home

13 April 2020
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If you love to receive flowers as a gift and always give them pride of place in your home, you may cherish the display of colour. You do wish that they would last a bit longer though, as the fine display seems to be very short-lived, and it seems that you need to assign them to the dustbin far too soon. Still, you may be able to make those flowers last longer without too much additional work and by employing a few tricks of the trade. What do you need to do?


In basic terms, a flower will begin to die as soon as it is picked, but your florist will do their best to get them to you before that process begins to advance. Remember, they have a finely tuned operation and work closely with suppliers and transport companies to bring in the flowers as expeditiously as possible. In an ideal world, the flowers will travel from nursery to florist and into your home on the same day.

Helping Hand

You should give the flowers a helping hand to make sure that they absorb as much nutrition as possible and so that they avoid bacteria.


To begin with, you can give them some energy by adding a little sugar to the water within a couple of days. Of course, these plants are used to getting energy from natural sugar, but artificial sugars will do at a pinch. Remember, they will have lost their natural energy source and will be able to pick up some sustenance from your sugar, but you will have to pay attention to bacterial growth as well.


It's a good idea to keep the plants away from direct sunlight and in a relatively cool spot. Otherwise, bacteria will thrive and will start to break down the stems under the water. It's also a good idea to change the water every other day and to give the vase a good clean at the same time. This will get rid of the bacteria in both the water and in the residue for additional effect.

Cut Stems

If they are going to last, the flowers will need to absorb water through the stems, and you can help them by cutting back each stem a little every other day. The florist will have cut the stems initially, and that will work fine in the beginning, but the bottom of the stems can become clogged with residue. Instead, you should make a fresh cut at an angle to promote further hydration.

Specific Food

You may also be able to pick up some purpose-made plant food from your florist. You can add this to the water as well for good effect.

Other Questions

Talk with your florist if you have any other questions about longevity, and they will help you to get the most out of your beautiful display.