Crowning glory: how to look after a flower crown

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Crowning glory: how to look after a flower crown

20 August 2018
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Flower crowns are a superb accessory for a bridal outfit, or just for a festival or a party. However, as they are made of fresh flowers, there is always the possibility that the flowers will wilt before you have finished wearing it. Here are a few tips on making sure your crown stays fresh for the whole of your day.

Choose the flowers carefully

Your florist will be able to give advice on which flowers are likely to last best. Make sure they know the purpose of the crown, and the kind of conditions expected on the day - flowers will wilt more quickly in hot weather. Flowers such as poppies or lily-of-the-valley do not last long out of water and are unlikely to be suitable, but smaller flowers such as spray roses can make a crown that will last. With care and the right conditions, a floral crown can stay fresh for up to a week.

Keep it cool

The best place to keep your crown is in the fridge. Store it on a plate, and place a paper towel underneath and on top of it. This should  keep it from drying out. If this is not possible, keep it somewhere cool, and keep it away from light. Spritizing it with water from time to time will also help.

Use a preservative

Preservative sprays are available from high street stores, specifically for keeping cut flowers and crowns in good condition. If you are unable to find anything, or you are not sure what to get, your florist will be able to advise you. You could also just use hairspray as a preservative - far from harming the flowers, it will help to keep them in good condition. Spray it directly onto the crown, and let it dry out before putting it on.

Hire a florist

If you really doubt that your floral crown will last all day and into the evening, there is a simple solution: get your florist to make you a second one. If the flowers start to wilt in the afternoon, you can pull your spare out of the fridge, and go to the evening reception looking just as fresh as at the start of the day.

Your floral crown will be a stunning part of your outfit. Take care to look after it, and your friends and guests will remember it for all the right reasons.