How to Assemble the Perfect Christmas Bouquet

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How to Assemble the Perfect Christmas Bouquet

9 December 2016
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Festive flowers are a lovely way to decorate your home over the Christmas period, and they also make a wonderful gift. You might associate flowers with spring and summer, and could struggle with ideas for a Christmas bouquet. There are some suggestions for flowers and decorations below—any combination of these will make a wonderful finished bouquet. If you want to, you could decide on a theme and stick to it—for example, traditional reds and greens with gold accessories, or cool colours with silver accessories for a fun, snowy feel. If you're not confident in your flower-arranging skills, then contact a local florist, who will be able to create a custom festive bouquet just for you.

Choose your flowers

Poinsettias are traditionally associated with Christmas and have a lovely red colour. If you're not keen on this flower, or if it isn't available near you, then almost any red flower will work well. Red roses create a classy, romantic feel, while red amaryllis are really striking, with a unique shape and colour. If you're planning an icy theme, then choose bright, white flowers like white freesias or snowy white chrysanthemum. Festive tulips are available in a wide range of colours, making them a versatile option if you're going for a bouquet with lots of different shades.

Include festive foliage

Adding festive foliage is a way to instantly inject a Christmas feel into any bunch of flowers. You could use pine cones in their traditional colour for a rustic look, or spray them gold or silver for some extra sparkle. Small pieces of pine branches are a great way to add a pop of green and can make a good substitute for a Christmas tree if you prefer understated decorations. Holly leaves cut straight from the bush will also look great—particularly if red berries are still attached. Mistletoe can be combined with red roses for a romantic Christmas, and green ivy is an easy option that looks great, and can be arranged to trail decoratively along the surface around your bouquet.

Add decorations and accessories

Make your bouquet fun and unique by adding custom decorations. You could include a few candy canes, or use them to decorate the vase you put your flowers in. Some florists and craft shops provide decorations like snowmen, elves and snowflakes, which are on long sticks to ensure they stay visible amongst the rest of the bouquet.