5 Tips For Choosing Roses

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5 Tips For Choosing Roses

27 January 2015
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When you go to the florist to buy some roses, keep the following tips in mind and you will make the best purchase possible.

Know How To Pick Fresh Roses

Some people cannot easily tell which roses are fresh and which ones have been at the florist's for long. Such people end up buying roses that wilt in a very short time. To avoid making this mistake, use this tip to identify fresh roses: gently run your finger over the petals of the roses you want to buy. If the petals are crisp and firm, buy those roses because they are still fresh. If they feel soft to the touch, don't buy them because they are about to wilt.

Pick Roses Whose Buds Are In Different Stages Of Blooming

Select roses that have buds that have not yet opened as well as those that have opened. This will enable you to enjoy those roses as they go through the different phases of blooming. This will contrast with another person who only buys roses that are in full bloom; in just a few days, those roses will begin wilting so the buyer's enjoyment will be short-lived.

Pick Roses With Strong Stems

Simply pinch the bottom part of a rose stem. If it feels firm then it is strong enough to support the upper parts of the flower for several days. If the part you pinch easily squashes, that stem is weak; choose another rose.

Include Roses Of Different Colours

Because different colours of roses have different meanings, you may want to consider including different colours of roses in your bouquet. For instance, if you are buying a dozen roses, you can pick some two white ones to add to the ten red ones. That mix of colour adds depth to your choice by creating more meaning. (Red conveys love while white means pure, so your mixed bouquet says you have pure love for the recipient.)

Select The Roses, Then The Vase

Many people begin with the vase then they pick the roses. This limits their options instead of widening them. For instance, if the vase has a long base, the person is compelled to select roses that have very long stems yet there may be fresher roses that have short stems. Avoid this mistake; pick the roses, then select a vase in which to put those roses.

You will get better at picking roses when you use the tips above. For more information, visit a florist like Pretty Flowers.