Fresh Flowers for Allergy Sufferers

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Fresh Flowers for Allergy Sufferers

8 August 2014
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For birthdays, anniversaries, and everyday pick-me-ups, beautifully arranged flowers are the perfect gift, unless they trigger headaches, sneezing and watery eyes for the recipient. Allergies can take the fun out of flowers for many people, but a florist in the Gold Coast area can provide plenty of options that let everyone enjoy fresh blooms.

Why Do Flowers Trigger Allergies?

According to AllergyWare, when it comes to triggering allergy symptoms, pollen is usually the culprit. Most plants rely on air currents to send pollen granules between male and female blooms in order to produce new plants. However, there are a handful of buds that do not reproduce through pollen, making them the perfect choice for allergy sufferers.

Aside from pollen, many flowers produce a sweet scent. Though a fresh, floral smell is usually considered to be part of the beauty of flower arrangements, for those that are particularly sensitive to smells it can be overwhelming and cause headaches. It's often a good idea to search out buds that have no fragrance.

Try These Blooms

Whether you are surprising an allergy-prone loved-one or treating yourself to some fresh blooms, that will help keep sneezing fits at bay.

  • Hydrangeas: Not only are these flowers pollen and scent-free, they also come in a wide variety of colours including white, blue, purple and pink. They work well in an arrangement of cut flowers but are also available as a potted plant that will continue to grow and bring joy for years.
  • Orchids: Another completely pollen-free option, these uniquely shaped blooms come in a staggering variety of shades. Because these tropical flowers are growing in popularity, they are typically in stock at florists in the Gold Coast area.
  • Lilies: Available in nearly every shade from white to pink and orange, there is a variety of this pollen-free flower for every occasion. However, some types, such as Stargazer Lilies have a strong scent, which may set of headaches for some people. Ask your florist which ones are your best bets.
  • Roses: This classic choice has a low level of pollen, making it a good option for those with mild allergies. For the best results look for small varieties with closed buds and little scent, such as tea roses.

Stay Away From These Blooms

Just as some varieties of flowers are better for allergy suffers, there are a few that are sure to set off an attack because of the large amount of pollen they produce. According to WebMD, Daisies, including the colourful and popular Gerber Daises are among the worst offenders. Chrysanthemums, goldenrod, jasmine and sunflowers should also be avoided.

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